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Question: I can figure out this question please help me.

Q.A manufacturer of stoves has to buy oven lights from from two diffrent companies because one company alone cannot meet its demand. the manufacturer purchases 60% of the oven lighs from comany A and the rest form Company B. Past experiecnce shown that 1% of Company A's oven are defective oven and 2.5% of Company B's oven light are defective.

Determine the probability that a defective oven light is supplied by company A.

Hi Manny,

Consider three events:

H1={oven light is supplied by company A},
H2={oven light is supplied by company B} and
D={oven light is deffective}.

Then we have P(H1) = 0.6 and P(H2) = 0.4. Moreover, conditional probabilities

P(D|H1) = 0.01 and P(D|H2) = 0.025. By the complete probabitlity formula: P(D)= P(D|H1)*P(H1) + P(D|H2)*P(H2) = 0.6 * 0.01 + 0.4 * 0.025 = 0.07=7%


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