Name: Mika
Who is asking: Student
Level: Secondary

Five students are equally qualifide their school at an award ceremony. two students will be randomly chosen to go to the ceremony.

(a) if Tony is one of the five student, what is the probability that he will be chosen?
Ans: 2/5C2=0.2 which is 20%

(b)Tony's friend, Allecia, who was also eligible to go, has been chosen. what is the Tony's probability of being chosen after he learns that allecica is going:
Ans: 1/5C1=0.2

I think the answes are wrong please help me with these questions

Hi Mika,


Consider the event: Tony is NOT chosen. The probality of this event is 4C2/5C2=3/5. Then the probabilty that Tony will be chosen is 1 - 3/5=2/5=0.4 (b) Now only 4 people are left. So, Tony's probability is 1/4C1= 1/4=0.25


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