Name: Mika

Who is asking: Parent
Level: Secondary

To play a game a dice is rolled to see who plays first. four players are going to play the game. what is the probability that at least two people roll the same number?

ANSWER: P(least 2 people roll the same #)=number of player/total outcome

P = 4!/4C2 = 24/4C2 = 4 the answer is 40%

Hi Mika,

Use the negation. Consider the negation of the event

"At least two people have the same numbers", it will be "All 4 players have different numbers". The probability of this event is: (6/6)*(5/6)*(4/6)*(3/6)= 5/18. Now, the event we are interested in has the probability 1 - 5/18= 13/18.

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