Subject: commas in numbers

When did the Ontario Education system drop the use of commas in large numbers and replace with a space? Why?

Thank you Mike
Grade 9

Hi Mike,

I don't know when - but WHY is, I think clear.

In EUROPE (and Quebec) the 'decimal point' is, in fact, a comma. They also use a blank space to separate the groups of numbers in large numbers.

So the Ontaio system would be more easily understood by people using the European (and Quebec) metric notation and STILL understood by people in the US.

Walter Whiteley
York University (I taught in Quebec for 20 years!)

Hi Mike,

This change in the way of expressing large numbers also took place in Saskatchewan, and I expect the rest of the country. I know that it has been in use in the schools in Saskatchewan since at least 1995.

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