Name: Nathan

Who is asking: Student
Level: Secondary

Question: I have two questions:

  1. 25% of what number is 195?
  2. 42 is what percent of 112?

I'm stuck and I need help badly.

Thank you.

Hi Nathan,

These "textbook type problems" involving percentages can quite often be put in the form of an equation by a simple technique. Read the sentence as an equation with "what" as the variable, "of" as multiplication and the verb as the equal sign. Thus your first problem

25% of what number is 195? becomes 25% * x = 195 Here I used * for multiplication. 25% is  25/100 and thus you have  25/100 * x = 195 Solving for x gives x = 195 *  100/25 = 780

Now try the second promlem.
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