My daughter who is in the 10th grade asked me this ?, you have a pole 45 inches high, 22inches around. You have a rope 1/2 thick, how many feet of rope would you use to go from top bottom of pole to top.
Thanks nic

Hi Nic,

You can approximate the answer quite easily. Think about 90 pieces of rope each forming a circle 22 inches around. Each circle would 'fit' around the pole. 90 of them together would cover a pole 45 inches high. If you need a more precise answer then first of all you need to realize that you need a little more than 22 inches for each circular piece of rope since it has thickness of its own. If the rope isn't to be cut it has to be coiled around and then there are a couple of small pieces you cant cover at the beginning and the end. Not easy anymore.

Hope this helps,


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