1. The male track and field athletes drank 153 gallons of sports drink at the meet.
  2. the track and field athletes drank 255 gallons of sports drink.
  3. The women track and field athletes drank 102 gallons.

problem: What percent of the sports was drunk by the women?

Rachel returning student with practice work.

Hi Raqchel,

The men drank 153 gallons and the women drank 102 gallons for a total of 255 gallons. The women drank 102 of the 255 gallons, or expresses as a fraction, the women drank  102/255 = 0.4 of the sports drink. To express this fraction as a percent you need to multiply by 100. Hence the women drank 04. x 100 = 40% of the sports drink.

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