Hi these are my final exam review questions in Algebra, and I was wondering if you would help me. Can you do me a HUGE favor? Will you please explain each question you answer so that I understand it better? Thanks alot.

Hi on #'s 2 and 3 I need to 'solve".

  1. A wildebeast was observed racing a distance of 86.4m in 4.8 seconds. Find the speed of the wildebeast in m/s.

  2. 8x - 7 - 5x = 23

  3. 7 z - 3 (z + 2) = 26


In the first problem the units tell you what needs to be done. You have 86.4m, 4.8s and you need  m/s. That is the units in the answer are meters over seconds. Thus, to get these units you need to divide the meters (86.4) by the seconds (4.8). Hence the answer is  86.4/4.8 m/s = 18 m/s.

For problem 2 you have

8x - 7 - 5x = 23 Think of this equation as a scale with the balance at the equal sign. You need to perform operations that won't disturb the balance, and end with x alone on the left side of the scale and a number on the right side.

First you need to eliminate the -7 from the left side so add 7 to both sides. This gives

8x - 7 - 5x + 7 = 23 + 7 or 8x - 5x = 30 Now on the left you have 8 x's from which you subtract 5 x's, leaving 3 x's. 3x = 30 The last step is to divide both sides by 3 giving x = 10

Now try the third problem.

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