1. Medication is givin at 1cc. per 20 pounds of body weight. A dog weighs 16 pounds how many ccs. of medication does the dog get?

  2. Dr. Lee wants you to prepare 1000 ml. of a 10% dextrose solution in lactaed ringers for diuresis or a patient you have a 1 L bag of lactated ringers and 500 ml of 50% dextrose for injection. How would you prpare the solution?

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  1. A 20 pound dog get 1 cc and thus a dog of half that weight get half as much medicine. That is a 10 pound dog gets  1/2 cc. Likewise a 5 pound dog ( 1/4 of 20 pounds) gets  1/4 cc. Thus a 16 pound dog ( 16/20 = 4/5 of 20 pounds) gets  4/5 cc.

  2. Dr. Lee wants to prepare 1000 ml, 10% of which is dextrose. 10% of 1000 is 100 so he wants 100 ml of the preparation to be dextrose. 1 L is 1000 ml so she needs to put 100 ml of dextrose in the bag. She has 500 ml of a solution which is 50% dextrose. If she takes 200 ml of this solution it will contain 50% of 200 ml, that is 100 ml of dextrose. Hence to get what she needs she should replace 200 ml of the lactated ringers in the 1 L bag with 200 ml of the 50% dextrose solution.
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