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Name: Amy

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Is it possible to get the % of increase between two percentages?

For example,

If in the month of October the % of Payments Received was 80.74% and in November it decreased to 69.36%. Can you take the 80.74-69.36/69.36 to get the % of difference. In otherwords can you take the % of difference when the numbers you are comparing are %'s????

Can you also take an average of an average? For example, average number of payments received in October was 25.00%, average number of payments received November was 50.00%, and the average number of payments received in December was 15.00%. Do you average (25.00%, 50.00% and 15.00%) or do you have to go back to the numbers that calculated the averages. For example, October 25.00% was based on 25 payments being received out of a possible 100. So instead of taking the average of the averages, do you take the average payments and the average customers over the 3 months and calculate the average???



Hi Amy,

You can report the percentage change between two percentages as long as it is clear what you are doing. In your example you would need to say "the percentage of payments received decreased ??% from October to November". I would however not calculate it as you have. It is usual to calculate change as

(where you got to - where you started from)/where you started from Hence in your example I would report the percentage change as
 (69.36 - 80.74)/80.74 x 100 = -14.09%

As far as taking averages of averages the answer is no, you shouldn't do it. Go back to the raw data and divide the total number of payments received in the three months by the number possible over the three month period.


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