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Ok.I have a question about math. In my book there is a problem. Here it is:

It takes 3/4 of an hour to bake a storyteller figurine. If only one figurine can be baked at a time, how many can be baked in 6 hours?

(We are working on solving equations using fractions.) For my answer I got 1/8. I don't think that can possibly be correct. Can anyone help me please




You are certainly right that 1/8 can't be correct. You can bake 3/4 of a figurine in one hour, so you can certainly bake more than 1/8th of a figurine in 6 hours.

I see this as a rate problem.How fast can you bake figurines? That is how many figurines per hour? (I see the "per" as division, figurines/hours.) What you have been given is 1 figurine in 3/4 of an hour so the rate is 1 divided by 3/4 which is 4/3's of a figurine per hour.

Now 4/3's of a figurine per hour for 6 hours is (4/3)  6 figurines.



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