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I need to find a formula to figure out this problem. I'm having some big problems with it.I would be very appreciative if i could get a formula and a answer so i can look at it and see how to do it . Here is the proble

On her diet, Mrs. Klein has been losing 1 pound a week for the last year. Her husband weighs 110 pounds more than she does now. If his weight is twice what her weight was 6 weeks ago, how much does mrs. Klein weigh now?

I have to turn it in Thursday . Iknow it is very short notice but i thought that maybe it would be easy for ya'll. Thanks a bunch and i look forward to seeing the problem.



Hi Brett,

Suppose that 6 weeks ago she weighed x pounds. Now she weighs x - 6 pounds. Since her husband weighs 110 pounds more than she does he weighs

x - 6 + 110

His weight is twice what hers was 6 weeks ago and hence

x - 6 + 110 = 2x


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