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You are placing  a pipe 60 feet long at a slope of 1.5%. How would you figure the amount of drop from the inlet of the pipe tot he outlet of the pipe? and what is the answer .
If you are trying to keep a shoulder slope of a road between 3/4'' per foot and 1 1/2'' per foot . If the shoulder is 10 feet wide, how would you figure how much lower should the outside of the shoulder be than the edge of pavement and what is the answer ?



A 1.5% slope means that the drop 1.5% of the length. 1.5% of 60 feet is

 1.5/100 60 feet = 0.9 feet

If the sholder slope is 3/4" per foot and the sholder is 10 feet wide then the drop is 10 3/4" = 7.5". If the sholder drops 11/2" per foot then the drop is 10 times 11/2" which is 15 inches.



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