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I am supposed to write a practical and useful word problem that would use the following algebriac inequality to solve it: 12x + 25 > 15x + 10. State the quanity that represents x and solve the inequality.


Hi Cathy,

Cathy's Clothing wholesales T-shirts to sports teams. Cathy can purchase a carton of T-shirts from the manufacturer for $12.00 per shirt but she has to pay $25.00 for shipping the carton. She can sell the T-shirts to a local team for $15.00 per shirt and she charges $10.00 to deliver the shirts to the team. Cathy is afraid that she might lose money on this deal. How many shirts must Cathy sell if she is not going to lose money? Let x be the number of T-shirts that Cathy orders. Her expenses are $12x + $15 and her income is $15x + $10 Thus she will lose money if 12x + 25 > 15x + 10


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