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Name: chester

Who is asking: Student
Level: Secondary

need to know how to get the answer to this i have been out of school since 1977 now i am taking a few classes to learn more. The question is a jacket is on sale for 32% off. Find the original if the sale price is $89.00

i need to show work on how to come up with the answer. i have 30 questions in line of work

thank you for your help if you can



Hi Chester,

Think about what you would do if you knew the original price and the discount. For example suppose that an item sells for $97.00 and it goes on sale for 32% off. Since 100 - 32 = 68, the sale price would be 68% of $97.00, that is

 68/100 $97.00 = $65.96

In your problem however you know the discount (32%) and the sale price ($89.00) but not the original price. That is you know

 68/100 ? = $89.00 To find the unknown quantity multiply both sides of the equation by  100/68. You get then ? = 100/68 $89.00 = $130.88


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