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Our Math14(Trigonometry) professor gave us problem sets, and these sets got me crazy for weeks already... help!

  1. Find tan 35pi/4
  2. Graph y = cos2x - 2sinx

I would really appreciate it if you could send your reply as early as possible...

Thank you so much!


(College Freshaman Student)



Hi Chiara,

I can give you some help in getting started on the first problem.

  1. Divide 4 into 35 to get 8 + 3/4. Thus

    tan( 35pi/4) = tan(8pi + 3pi/4)
    But the tangent function is periodic with period pi and hence

    tan( 35pi/4) = tan(8pi + 3pi/4) = tan( 3pi/4)


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