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My name is David

I trying to find out how much water 500 ft of 3/4 inch hose will hold. I'd also like to know how you figured the answer. Please include the formula.

Thank you



Hi David,

The volume of a circular cylinder of height h and radius r is

pi r 2 h If you stand your hose on end you have a circular cylinder of height 500 feet and radius of one-half of 3/4 inches which is 3/8 inches. We need to settle on the units to use so let's use feet. Thus the cylinder has a radius of 3/812 = 3/96 = 1/32 feet.

Hence the volume of the hose is

pi r 2 h = 3.1416 1/32) 2 500 = 1.534 cubic feet.


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