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Name: John Paul

Who is asking: Student
Level: Secondary

I took a math test last week, and there was a problem which the teacher checked as incorrect. It was:

Solve: (a)RcTc=360;(b)RmTm=480;(c)Rm=2Rc; (d)Tm+Tc=15

I solved the problem and I got the following values for each variable.

For Rc=40 For Tc=9
For Rm=96 For Tm=5

I don't see nothing wrong, but the teacher checked it as wrong. Could it be a checking mistake? Thank you for your attention.

John Paul



Hi John Paul,

The way to verify is to substitute back your values for the variables in the original equations:

(a) RcTc=360 becomes 40*9 = 360;
(b) RmTm=480 becomes 96*5 = 480;
(c) Rm=2Rc becomes 96 = 2*40;
(d) Tm+Tc=15 becomes 5 + 9 = 15.
If you made no mistakes, these should all be correct. Are they all correct?


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