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Name: Kayla
Level: 10-12 grade
I am a student.

1st question- If a+b divided by a equals 6 and b+c divided by c equals 9, compute the numerical value of a divided by c. ( Your answer will be mumbers only, no variables.)

2nd question- Three adjacent faces of a box (a rectangular prism) have areas of 7, 14, and 18 square inches. Find the volume of the box. (Hint: Choose variables to represent the three sides of the box and then figure out the problem.)


Hi Kayla,

If a+b/a = 6 then a+b = 6a and thus b = 5a. Hence a = b/5. Also, b+c divided by c equals 9, so use similar rreasoning to find c and then divide a by c.

For problem 2, draw a diagram and label it.

The three faces you can see have areas ab, ac, and bc. One of these is 7, one is 14 and the third is 18. Write this as three equations and solve for a, b and c.




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