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$22,534.56 is what percent of $27,820.00? how to calculate this, I have truly tried to calculate this and could'nt.



Hi Minnie,

Sometimes with percentage questions you can read the English sentence and translate it, almost directly, into a mathematical sentence (an equation). Your sentence

$22,534.56 is what percent of $27,820.00? is one such situation.

In a mathematical sentence (an equation) the verb is the equal sign. In your English sentence the verb is "is". The "what, where, why, how" word is the unknown. I am going to call it x. Percent is "per one-hundred", that is divided by 100, and "of" is multiplication. Hence I read your English sentence

$22,534.56 is what percent of $27,820.00? as $22,534.56 = x/100 $27,820.00?

To solve for x first multiply each side by 100 to get

$22,534.56 100 = x $27,820.00? and then divide both sides by $27,820.00. x = $22,534.56 100/$27,820.00 = 81.00129 Hence $22,534.56 is 81.00129 percent of $27,820.00


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