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I'm a parent of a grade two student. What is the best way to help my son figure out a math comprehension problem?

Clown has eight steps to climb, is shown in a picture with front foot on third step and behind foot on first step. Each time he climbs three steps, he falls back two. How many times did he have to climb up to reach the top.

Should I get him to do a line graph or math equations. On his own he came up with the answer seven. I think the answer is six. I did 0+3=3, 3-2=1, 1+3=4 and so on, In think my why is alittle confusing to him. Is there a simplier why to explain it to him.

Thanks you,

Mom with alot to learn.




Any method is good as long as he can understand it. How about getting him to draw a picture with arrows to indicate the ups and downs? Or acting it out on some stairs? Both of these strategies and more are ones that are taught in the primary years.

Good luck!



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