Here is my question.....thank you for taking time to help me. I am the Mom of an Honors Algebra student and really have been away from this Math for a long time.

Tiffany plays first board for her middle school chess team. Since she joined the team last year, she has won 27 of 51 tournament games. That's a winning percentage of about 53%.

If Tiffany went on a winning streak, how many games would she need to win in a row to raise her winning percentage to 60% Use variables and equations to communicate the method you've used to solve the problem.

Extra; Winning a lot of matches in a row is pretty unlikely. Let's say instead that Tiffany gets hot and wins two out of three games she plays. How many more games will Tiffany have to play before she has a winning percentage of 60%

Thank-you for your help!

Hi Patty,

If Tiffany's winning percentage is 60% then

 Games won/Games played = 0.60 At the moment she has played 51 games and won 27. Suppose that she plays x more games and wins them all. Then she will have played 51 + x games and won 27 + x. Hence  27 + x/51 + x = 0.60

Solve for x.


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