Hello there..I recently stumbled on this website and figured I should take advantage of it...=o) I had a question pertaining conversion units.

I have a fish tank at home and the dimensions are 24, 44, and 48 inches, I want to find out how much it weighs in pounds when filled up with water...knowing water is 62.4 pounds per cubic feet...do I just divide the 62.4 pounds to 12 because I"m trying to find out through cubic inches.

Thank you in advance!




You need to find the volume of the tank in cubic feet. To do so change each of its dimensions to feet

24 inches is 24/12 = 2 feet

48 inches is 48/12 = 4 feet

44 inches is 44/12 =  11/3 feet

Hence the fish tank has a volume of 2 4  11/3 cubic feet. Each cubic foot weighs 62.4 pounds.



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