My name is Richard and I'm an eighth grade history teacher.

My question is this. I'm using a grading program for the first time this year. (ok, that's not a question) I require my students to record their grades in a Scorekeeper when they get them back. I'd like to know if my students can keep up with averaging their grades just as the grading programs automatically averages them when I put them in the spreadsheet.

For example, I have one student who has ten homework grades that averages out to a 51 (homework average counts 20%). I have four quiz grades that average out to be a 68 (quiz average counts 10%). And 3 major tests that average out to a 98 (test average counts 20%). There will be other grades coming in at a later time that will eventually total 100%. The grading program calculates that out to be a 73. My question is, how did the program calculate that average when I don't have all of my grades in at that time? And is there a non stressful way I and my students can calculate that same answer?

Thanks a lot for your help:)



Hi Richard,

As stated your student has (according to the program)

51% of 20 marks ( 51/10020 = 10.2);
68% of 10 marks ( 68/10010 = 6.8); and
98% of 20 marks ( 98/10020 = 19.6),
i.e., the student has 10.2 + 6.8 + 19.6 = 36.6 marks out of the possible 20 + 10 + 20 = 50 marks so far. 36.6 out of 50 is 73.3%.

So, the program calculates that the student has received 73% of the marks available so far.

Penny and Claude

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