Name: Rob

Who is asking: Student
Level: All

Hi I'm a student at St. John's College in Santa Fe New Mexico, are school is devoted to the great books and we're now reading Euclid's Elements in english and Attic Greek. We have an assignment to show a frequency or flow chart of how all the propositions of book one are interrelated. I have been looking online for an example of different way to do this or go about it but have found nothing. If you have anything like this i'd be very happy if you could send it to me via e-mail or send me the site address.

Thanks Rob

Hi Rob,

This was an exercise that I did myself several years ago. It is easy because Euclid generally stated what proposition he used whenever he used it; in Heath's translation, the proposition number is placed in the margin. I recommend that you do it yourself, because (a) it is informative, and (b) I may have made errors!


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