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Hi! just wondering if you could help me?

I need to find an easy solution to remembering how to calculated the gst and pst once I have the total amount. ex: my total is $154.40, I have to find the gst and then the pst. I live in bc so the taxes are 7% for gst and 7.5% for pst. I think I can do the gst but i am having problems finding the pst. what I have done is 154.40 divided by 1.07= 144.30 so my gst and pst is $10.10. but I need to find the amount for each. could you please help me??


Hi Robin,

The pst and gst are each applied to the before tax price. That is

gst amount = 0.07 (before tax price), and

pst amount = 0.075 (before tax price)
Thus the total tax is the sum of the pst and gst, and hence total tax = 0.145 (before tax price) Hence the before tax price is before tax price = $154.40/1.145 = $134.85

The gst is 7% of $134.85 and the pst is 7.5% of $134.85. The sum of the pst, gst and $134.85 is $154.40.


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