Would you please help me with a question?

I am just learning about integers. Can you show me in a way I might understand....My teacher can tell me what is required to do the math, but it just doesn't make sence to me.

(+4) - (-3) =+7

Why is the answer not +1


I usually like to teach integers with integer tiles, it makes it easier to understand. Ask your teacher if he has any. It's hard to show on an email, but I'll give you a few websites which you can go to and see if they help you. I hope they do. Good luck!

http://www.mathgoodies.com/ this site offers interactive lessons in English but not in French (might be good for homework with parent help), there are math lessons in French, all seem appropriate for middle level.

http://www.mathwizz.com/integers/ interactive in English.

http://www.edhelper.com/integers.htm in English. This site offers short lessons and allows teacher or parent at home to create worksheets.


http://amby.com/educate/math/integ_x1.html quizzes


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