Subject: Formulating Equations

Name: Theresa

Who is asking: Student Level: Middle

Hello. In math class we have to formulate equations for certin questions for extra credit. We are allowed to ask anyone and anyone can do it for us and explain it to us. Could you please do that? Here are the questions

  1. Jordan has 3 times as much money as Reva. Together they have $44. How much money does each have?

  2. The Tigers played 48 games. They won twice as many as they lost. How many did they win?

  3. There are 900 students in Sewickley Academy. There are 20 more girls than boys. How many girls are there?

  4. A board 400 cm long is cut into 2 pieces. One piece is 66 cm longer than the other. Find the lenght of the shorter piece.

  5. Meredith has $8 more than Alexa . Alexa has twice as much mone as Mike. Together they have $63. How much does each have?

  6. I'm thinking of a number. If I add 7 to it, then multiply by 3, I get 36. What is my number?

  7. I'm thinking of a number . If I subtract 8 from it , then multiply by 6, I get 24. What is my number?

Solve and check

  1. 8x=25 + 3x

  2. x - 3 =4(3-x)

  3. 6(y+2) = 5y +18


Hi Theresa,

I can contribute some to your assignment. Lets look at problem 4.

The idea here is to use a letter to represent the length of one of the pieces. I am going to call the length of the shorted piece L cm. According to the instructions the other piece is 66 cm longer. Thus its length is L + 66 cm. But the entire board is 400 cm long and hence

L + (L + 66) = 400
What about problem 6? "I am thinking of a number." Use a letter to represent the number. I am going to use N to represent the number. The instructions now say:

add 7 to the number then multiply by 3 and you get 36
That is

(N + 7) 3 = 36


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