My name is Thomas, I am in grade 3. I would like to know the proper name for this geometrical solid. It has 8 faces, 12 vertices, and 18 edges?


Hi Thomas,

Any geometrical solid with 8 faces is called an octahedron.

I drew a picture of one geometrical solid that meets all your requirements, there are probably others. What I drew has two hexagons on the ends and six rectangular faces. This solid is called a right, hexagonal prism.

It is a prism because it has two parallel polygons on the ends (the hexagons) and sides that are parallelograms, hexagonal because the ends are hexagons and right because the angle between the hexagonal faces and the parallelogram faces are right angles. I know you have seen one of these, it is a pencil before you sharpen it the first time.



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