I am having trouble with the following problem, A poker hand consists of 5 cards selected randomly from an ordinary deck of cards: find the probability of a ROYAL FLUSH : the 10 , jack, queen,king and ace of the same suit.

I was thinking somewhere along the lines of:

*the number of ways to get the suit is 4C1
*the number of ways to get a 10 out of the 13 cards etc....
...but Im not sure I am going about this the right way, could you help?

thanking you

Hi Vikki,

Yes, you are right:

Number of favourable outcomes is 4 - we have 4 suits (you wrote 4C1, but this is also 4). Number of all possible outcome: 52C5=2,598,960. So, probability of royal flush is 4/2,598,960=1/649740 = 0.0000015

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