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Who is asking: Student
Level: Elementary

Mrs. Smith's class has 35 student. Today there are 2/3 of them absent. How many are absent? present? I totaly forget how to do this if you could give me the answer that would be great.



Hi Amanda,

If Mrs. Smith had 36 students in her class I would feel better about this problem. In this case she could divide her class into 3, equal sized groups, so each group would have 12 students. Thus 1/3 of her class is 12 students so 2/3 of her class is 212=24 suudents.

If she really has 35 students then 1/3 of 35 is 35/3 which is eleven and two-thirds. Thus 2/3 of her class would be (35/3)2=70/3 which is twenty-three and one-third.



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