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130 cc. is ?
I have to put 130cc. of petroleum in a bucket how much exactly is that?
Also 110 cc.?
I have to also put 110cc. wood alcohol in a bucket aswell!
Please tell me in simple form how much 110cc. and 130cc. is!?!
                           THANK YOU



Hi Aryn,

A cubic centimeter (cc) is a little smaller that a sugar cube. There are 1,000 cc's in a litre so a cubic centimeter is a milliliter since milli- is the metric prefix to indicate one one-thousandth. Thus

1,000 cc = 1,000 ml = 1 l

In Canada where I am we use both the metric system and the American system of weights and measures. I went and got my measuring cup I use for baking. It has "cup/oz/pint" on one side and "litre/ml" on the other. 150ml on one side corresponds to almost 5oz on the other. Lets do it more carefully.

My dictionary says

1 gal(US) = 3.785 l


130 cc = 130 ml = 0.13 l 0.13/3.785 = 0.0343 gal

There are 4 quarts in a gallon so

0.0343 gal = 4 0.0343 = 0.1374 quarts

There are 32 ounces in a quart so

0.1374 quarts = 32 0.1374 = 4.397 oz

Hence 130 cc is about 4.4 oz.



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