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My request is indicative of a rezoning application where approximately 15
cubic yards of dirt must be utilized to fill a environmentally sensitive
area. I don't know what level question this is...maybe secondary?

How much volume is 15 cubic yards?

My question...what is the equivalent of 15 cubic yards of dirt? Of this
amount, what could be covered? For example, would it be 3 football fields
six inches deep?

Thank you,




Hi Barry,

I think of 15 cubic yards of dirt as a big cube of dirt, 5 yards by 3 yards by 1 yard high (5  3  1 = 15). My Honda Civic can park in a parking spot that is 5 yards by 3 yards so this is not really that much dirt. There are 3 feet in a yard so if you spread this dirt half a foot deep, (6 inches deep) it would cover 15  6 = 90 square yards, about one-sixth the area of an end zone.




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