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Hey my name is Beatriz, I was hoping you can help me understand and answer these two questions:

1) A bus driver collects identical sets of 5 coins from each passenger. If the totoal colledted was $21.83, how many pennies did the driver get??

2) How many terminal zero in the base 10 expression of 112! (factional) N! means N(N-1)(N-2) .....(2) (1).

I really hope you can help me out!! THank you so much!



Hi Beatriz,

The number of coins the driver received is a multiple of 5 and hence the total value of these coins is a multiple of 5. But $21.83 is not a multiple of 5 so I don't see how this is possible.

For the second problem look at the answer we sent to Lauren when she asked a similar question.



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