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Name: Carol

Who is asking: Other Level: All

I have to find the mean from the following example:

Price Range 000 No of Houses
55 and under 60 3
60 and under 65 6
65 and under 70 13
70 and under 80 21
80 and under 100 15
100 and under 130 7
130 upwards 1

I know when calculating the mean you use the mid points of the classes, but how does this work for the 130 upwards class? Also, does this still work given the difference in the classes (ie. 1st class is 5, 5th class is 20, etc). Any help to get me started would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Carol,

The fact that the classes are of different sizes is really of no consequence. You can still use the midpoints. For the class "130 upwards" you really need more information. If you don't know anything else about this house then I suggest that you find the mean without this house and then add a footnot that says that one house sold for more than 130,000.


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