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My question is about this equation 32x*2 -18y*2 -64x +72y +248 =0
explain why as x goes to the infinity the graph of the conic looks like y= (3/4)X.

What I did to try to find the solution of this problem was to graph and then I thought that maybe trying to find the equation of the asymptotes I could do it, but it was useless -because the equation of the asymptotes is y= +4/3(X-1) -2 and that does not explain why tho conic looks like y=(3/4) x . I would really appreciate your help on this.





I completed the squares and reorganized your equation to get

9(y - 2)2 - 16(x - 1)2 = 144

From this form I can see that the asymptotes are

3(y - 2) - 4(x - 1) = 0

That is

y = 4/3 (x - 1) + 2

So you and I differ by a sign, but I also don't understand the y = (3/4) x.



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