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Name: chang

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well my question is i was told by most of the teachers that ''think in english'' is the best way to learn english but how can i do like that do i need to know about the stucture first or do i need to learn the western culture ?

here is a sentence i have translate directly from my mother language.'' i was given an admiration of sincerity from this client on the follow up action i have done in the complaint.




I think that the diversity of languages is a great testimony for the complexity of the human mind. The best I can do with your sentence is "This client praised the sincerity I have shown in the follow up action on the complaint", but this may not fully capture the original meaning.

Reading comics helped me to "think in german" while I was learning german: The image reinforced the text, so I could read more and more without using the dictionary, and since it was only short jokes rather than long texts, I could quickly get the point or decide to skip to the next one. I still remember the first time I "laughed in german" after reading a joke.



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