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Name: Dave

Who is asking: Other Level: All

Question: If our lot is 192.71 x 138.79 x 158.74 x 103.08

Question is what percentage of an acre is our lot? Thank you

Hi Dave,

The information that you have supplied is not enough the allow me to calculate the area. Suppose that the diagram below represents your lot and there are stakes at the four corners with a string tied between the stakes around the perimeter of the lot. A string of length 192.71 feet between stakes A and B, a string of length 138,79 feet between stakes B and C, and so on. (The diagram is not drawn to scale.)

Pull out the stakes at B and C and keeping the string between A and B taught, move stake B to a different location.
Now, keeping the string between B and C taught and the string between C and D taught, pound the stake C into the ground.
This gives you two quite different shaped lots, with the lots having the same side lengths but quite different areas.
To calculate the area I need the lengths of one of the diagonals, either AC or BD.


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