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need to know how to add 33 3/4 doubled.  How do I come up with the solution?  I need to know for measuring garments.  Usually I measure on the half meaning on the front of the garment and then double it with the measuring tape but I always get stuck when I need to measure 3/4 such as 66 3/4 doubled and etc..   Can you help me figure this out easily.



Quarters are easy to work with since you carry some around in your pocket, quarters. If you have three quarters and you double what you have then that is six quarters. But six quarters is a dollar and a half. Thus if you think about coins, doubling three quarters is six quarters which is a dollar and a half. In mathematical notation this is

2  3/4 =  6/4 = 1 1/2

Thus if you double thirty-three and three quarters you get double thirty-three, which is sixty-six, plus double three quarters, which is one and a half. Thus you have sixty-six plus one and a half which is sixty-seven and a half. Again in mathematical notation this is

2 (33 3/4) = (2 33) + (2  3/4) = 66 + 1 1/2 = 67  1/2



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