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Name: Duk

Who is asking: Parent Level: Middle

Question: Loren is laying decorative brick along both edges of the 21-meter walkway up to his house. Each brick is 0.26 meters long. He is placing the bricks end to end. How many bricks does he need to do the job?

Hi Duk,

I can do a quick estimate which will give an approximate answer. If each brick were 0.25 meters long, that is a quarter of a meter, then it would take 4 bricks to make a meter and hence 4  21 = 84 bricks on each side of the walkway. Thus 168 bricks in total.

Now lets do it more precisely. 21/0.26 = 80.77 so it will take 81 bricks on each side of the driveway. This is quite close to my estimate so I feel confident that I have done the problem correctly.


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