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Name: franik

Who is asking: Student
Level: Elementary

in the number 349, which number has the least value, and why?

Hi Franik,

If this 349 was an amount of money you had in the bank, $349, and you got it out in one-hundred dollar bills, ten dollar bills and one dollar bills then you would have

3 one-hundred dollar bills
4 ten dollar bills
9 one dollar bill.
The most important digit is 3, it tells you how many one-hundred dollar bills you have. The next most important digit is 4, it tells you how many ten dollar bills you have. the least important digit is 9, it only tells you how many one dollar bills you have. 3 is the hundreds digit, 4 is the tens digit and 9 is the ones digit (your teacher may say 9 is the units digit).


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