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Name: Hossen

Who is asking: Other
Level: All

Please can you help. my grand child could not find anyone to help him, so he asked me and I just cannot figure out the anwers.

1) After James spent 2/5 of his pocket money on magazines, and 1/4 of his pocket money at a football match, he had 1.75 left. How much pcket money did he have in the beginning?

2) A joint of Lamb costs 5.95 per/kg. The price per kilogram is reduced. A joint weighing 1.2kg is reduced by 50p.

A) What is the reduced price per kilogram?

Hi Hossen,

Problem 1.

Joe spent two-fifths of his money plus one-quarter of his money and was left with 1.75.

2/5 + 1/4 = 8/20 + 5/20 = 13/20 Hence the fraction of his money that he has left is 7/20. Hence 7/20 of his money is 1.75 and, dividing both numbers by 7
1/20 of his money is 0.25. Multiplying both by 20 gives
20/20 of his money is 5.00
Joe started with 5.00.

Problem 2.

1.25 kg is reduced by 0.5 and hence, dividing both numbers by 1.25,

1 kg is reduced by 0.5/1.25 = 0.4 Thus the reduced price for 1 kg is 5.95 - 0.4 = 5.45


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