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I am a student named Jacob, asking a question on the secondary level.

My question is:

P is a point on a unit circle with coordinates(0.6,0.8). Find tan of theta. My book shows me how to do it,"tan of theta=opp./adj.=0.8/0.6=4/3,"and leaves it as that's the answer(4/3).When do we know from a problem to find the angle measure (in this case, the angle measure of theta) and how do we know when to give something like 4/3 without converting it to the angle measure? Please explain.I hope you could help me.Thank you for your time.



Hi Jacob,

In this problem you are asked to find the tangent of an angle, not the angle measurement. Also the situation is such that you can find the tangent using "tan of theta=opp./adj." and hence there is not necessary to find the angle measurement.



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