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Name: Jeff

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I am making a mold for my decoy anchors. I need 10 - 12 lead ounce weights. How would I determine the liquid measurement for that weight? For example if I melted down 10 ounces of lead how many cups would that be or quarter cups etc?

I would like the formula if I could and good instructions on how to use the formula.

very respectfully,

Hi Jeff,

I looked up the specific gravity of lead and some conversion factors, and this is what I got.

lead weighs 11,340 kilograms/cubic meter
one cup is 0.0002365882 cubic meters
one ounce(weight) is 0.02834952 kilograms
one cup is 8 fluid ounces
Thus my calculation is 11340 kg/cu m  0.0002366 cu m/cup  1/0.02835 oz/kg  1/8 cups/fluid oz

= 11.82 ounces/fluid ounce
or  1/11.82 = 0.085 fluid ounces/ounce So, in particular, if you melt down 10 ounces of lead you will have 0.85 fluid ounces.


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