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Hi.  I have the year to date sales of $2,042,744 and the quota is $2,257,440, how do I figure the percent quota.  Please advise what the formula is.  Thank you.


Hi Jenni,

Suppose that your sales to date were $3 and the quota was $4, then you would have attained three-quarters of your quota. 3/4 = 0.75 which is is 75% so you have attained 75% of your quota.

The logic is the same with your numbers. You have sales of $2,042,744 from a quota of $2,257,440 so the proportion of your quota which you have is

 2042744/2257440 = 0.9049

As a percentage this is

0.9049 100 = 90.49

Thus you have 90.49% of your quota.



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