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A question on my homework assignment about logs says "suppose that x=logA and y=logB & write the expression in terms of x and y"

log(A - B)

Is this even possible? It seems like a typo.
Another is: "solve for t."
12(1.221)t = t + 3
Is this one possible? If it is, I cant figure it out.



Hi JJ,

I think you are correct about the first problem. I expect that the expression that was to be rewritten was intended to be log(A/B).

Usually, when you have an algebraic expression with the variable in an exponent and you are asked to solve for the variable, the best you can do is approximate a solution. The problem you have, however, has no solution. I convinced myself of this by plotting y = 12(1.221)t and y = t + 3 on the same graph and observing that they don't intersect.




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