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Hi. My name’s Keith. I’m a high school student and have been having trouble with this problem , which is based on one pair of parallel sides of a parallelogram: If AD = 6x-5 and BC = 3x+7 find x. Of course both sides have to be equal. Now I know the value of x is 4 So my question is how do you get 4 from the given information.

Sincerely Keith



Hi Keith,

I assume that by AD = 6x-5 you are saying that the length of AD is 6x-5 for some number x. Likewise the length of BC is 3x+7 for the same number x. If this is true then, as you said, the lengths of AD and BC are equal and hence

6x-5 = 3x+7

That is

3x = 12

and hence x = 4.



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