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I am a elementary teacher 3-6 math. We have just implemented the Houghton Mifflin Math curriculum. It seems to be quite difficult for most of our students. In order to get through all the material we need to do a lesson a day. Although the students are not getting the material that fast. Should we move on without all the students understanding the material or should we wait and remediate until they get it and be behind for the year. This isn't just a few kids its most of the kids. We are also suppose to teach to all the standards so if we don't get to them the students will not do well on the standardized tests.


Hi Lori,

I think you should teach the material at the rate which allows for most students to understand it. Also, as you get to know your students, you may find that they are not ready for the material as it is presented in your new program. You should take the students from where they are and move them along the path as best they can. It is important that they understand concepts; math isn't just about doing and memorising procedures. Good luck,


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