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My name is Megan Bennett and I am a junior in high school. Our teacher gave us a few xtra credit questions and I need some help.

***Determine the pattern in each group, select the one best choice.
1). Select the choice that best completes the relationship:
23 : 3.983 as 32 :
A). 3,839
B). 3,994
C). 4,874
D). 9,599

2). Select the group that does not belong:
A). B M S K
B). V S P M
C). G S M P
D). K P M S

3). Select the next number in the series: 16 26 21 31
A). 18
B). 26
C). 33
D). 19

I hope you are able to help me.



Hi Megan,

I think I can do 2 and 3 and then I will come back to 1.


When I study these sequences of letters I see that option D) KPMS is composed of four letters, each of which appears in one of the other options. The other three options don't satisfy this requirement. Hence I would say the D doesn't belong with the others.


I think that the sequence 16 26 21 31 is composed of two sequences, interlaced. One that starts at 16 and increases by 5 (16,21,26,31,36,...) and the other tha starts at 26 and increases by 5 (26,31,36,41,...)


The obvious technique doesn't work. That is 23/3.983 = 32/x yields x as 5.5416.

A pattern I see in 23 : 3.983 as 32 :   is that the first number on the right (32) has the digits reversed from the first number on the left (23). Thus one response might be to reverse the digits of the second number on the left to get 3.893. This is anmost option a. Is there a typo in a?



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