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Hi, I have a fuel ank for my big truck that has a radius of 24inches and a length of 65 inches. I am trying to compute the volume of fuel in the tank. I tried pie x the radius squared times the length but no usable results.
Can you help me please?

Thanks, Mike.


Hi Mike,

The expression you are using, pi times the square of the radius times the length does give the volume of a circular cylinder. My guess is that you didn't get a volume in familiar units. I would first change the dimensions to feet. Twenty-four inches is 24/12 = 2 feet and sixty-five inches is 65/12 feet. Thus the volume is

pi 22 65/12 = 68.068 cubic feet.

One cubic foot is 7.48 gallons(US) so 68.068 cubic feet is

7.48 68.068 = 509 gallons(US).



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